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170+ TV Commercial Campaign on FOX, CW2 and sister stations - December, 2015

Colorado's Best - KWGN Denver, CW2 - November, 2015

Colorado's "Everyday" Show - KDVR Denver - November, 2015

100+ TV Commercial Campaign on FOX, CW2 and sister stations - November, 2015

Colorado's Best Feature, Entirely Expo's & Let's Be Local, Colorado - CW2 - June, 2015

Colorado's "Everyday" Show - KDVR Denver - November, 2014

​Colorado's "Everyday" Show - KDVR Denver - December, 2014

100+ Television Commercial Campaign on FOX, CW2 and sister stations Nov - Dec

​Cat Country Colorado Springs, Commercial Campaign and Live Remote (2014)

KOSI 101.1FM Denver - Holiday Music Commercial Campaign 
and listing on KOSI Cares Website (2014)

Jack FM Denver, Live Interview with Denver's Own Uncle Nasty (Greg Stone), Commercial Campaign and Live Remote (2013)​

KDVR.com - Homepage and News Page ​Takeover - December, 2015

KDVR.com Homepage Takeover 2014

Cat Country Homepage 2014  KDVR.com

KDVR.com - Homepage Takeover - November, 2015

We created Entirely Expo's around our passion for helping others and giving back to our surrounding communities. Through the art or face-to-face networking, vendor events and expositions, we have grown into something so much more than we ever planned, and we could not be happier! 

Please contact us directly for any questions, article ideas or interviews. We're always excited to share our passion with others! 

Entirely Expo's/Let's Be Local, Colorado™ Owner & Operator

Toni Garcia 



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